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Our zinc alloy die casting products are: mobile phone shell, U disk shell, computer power supply accessories, furniture accessories, handbag accessories, belt buckle, wrench, jewelry box and picture frames, medal and LOGO card, key chain and bottle opener, Christmas gifts, mobile phone ornaments, ashtrays, camera shell, aluminum alloy radiator cover, lighting accessories, zinc alloy, metal toys, mechanical fittings, sanitary ware, bronze statue of zinc alloy casting, die casting products and zinc alloy metal fittings and so on

Zinc alloy with high strength and hardness properties make it a machining, pressing, stamping and assembly parts are the ideal alternative compared to display related example of die casting aluminum alloy, zinc alloy exhibit more excellent shock absorption and vibration absorbing ability. Zinc alloy die casting die lifelong (an average of about 600000-800000 mode more than once) and open mold cost is aluminum alloy is low.

Zinc die casting has bellow features:
High strength and hardness
High precision size and stability
High quality finishing characteristics
Good electrical conductivity
Good ability of thin-wall filling
Outstanding corrosion resistance
High heat conductivity
Junction temperature forming beautiful, easy
Fully recyclable
Excellent plating properties

Our company offer zinc die casting, mechanical use zinc die casting, zinc die casting mobile phone outer shell, switch equipment, computer accessories, electrical accessories, household furniture engineering machinery accessories, U disk shell, zinc die-casting communications equipment accessories, electrical equipment for the zinc die casting, construction equipment, switchgear accessories, zinc die casting hardware fittings, bathroom products, zinc die casting, key chain, bottle opener, small gifts, handicrafts, and so on. 
We as Chinese top Zinc die casting supplier have die casting production experience for many years, good of zinc die casting design team, also with the advanced die-casting machine equipment.
Our Zinc die castings are well sold both at home and aboard.
Our Zinc die castings have good mechanical properties, precise size, glossy product appearance, good corrosion resistance.
Quality is assured.
Accept the incoming sample processing, if you have any question, welcome to contact us.

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