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The creation of the die casting products starts with the Sino Holdings starts with the die casting items after manufacturing the tool. The user-friendly and low melting temperature which is being adopted and ranges from 380°C for the common die casting allows to 500°C in case of high aluminum content alloys. Zamak is the most preferred metals compared to any other materials in any other production sectors.

Zamak Die casting service adopts the hot pressing that enables to manufacture accurate as well as resistant parts at an affordable cost. We are always conscious about the quality and ensure that we constantly evolve in the quality category whether we are focusing on the small or large production series that is the most suitable one for the surface finishing.

Sino Holdings make use of the hot chamber die casting machines and so it is also known as the pressure chamber that is constantly immersed in the metal casting. Our metal casting cycle is very fast in case of die casting alloys. The high flow and the low melting point of the zinc can offer the piece of material with minimum tolerance limits that is actually complex in shape which cannot be achieved in case of other alloys.

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