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Our technicians as well as engineers take the privilege of offering the best product to customers. We take pride in our efficiency and our ability that helps to exceed the expectations of our customers. We make use of the advanced computer aided design and manufacturing technology that helps us constructs the highest quality products. Our main focus is to make use of the best die steel materials, surface treatments and heat treatment as it will help to return to the effective future tooling projects.

Zamak Die casting mould can allow us to accomplish the manufacturing goals. Starting from the porosity free parts to high volume and short lead time, we are capable of meeting different level of challenges in our working atmosphere. Our die casting tooling and injection building capabilities help us achieve success in our project. We are capable of handling large die builds and repairs along with the large bay and overhead crane capabilities.


Sino Holdings can help us achieve the robust strength and rigidity that enables us to come up with the superior properties and dimensional tolerances along with the unprecedented accuracy. With our high end tooling specialists we are able to ensure the accuracy even of the complex products that includes plastic components, aluminum die casting and magnesium die casting.

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