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With our Zamak Die casting solutions you will be able to enjoy different advantages that can make the casting alloys highly durable, strong as well as cost effective solutions in case of engineering materials. Our Zamak casting machines will help you with different advantages that might not be enjoyed by others:

  • Assembly operations are highly reduced: The entire assemblies can be easily cast as a single unit which can eliminate the need of any expensive manual assembly operations.
  • Less material is necessary: Zinc is the superior casting fluid that also offers huge strength and stiffness that enables the design of the thin wall section which can reduce the weight and also save money on the material.
  • Machinery operations can be reduced: Because of the superior net shape casting capability of the zinc die cast alloys, the machine can allow you to eliminate the operations in a drastic way.

The mechanical properties offer superior finishing capabilities and zinc has become the most preferred choice in the current market as they are time saving and money saving solutions to every sector. The die casting manufacturing rates are faster than the aluminum and magnesium. We are capable of understanding your requirements and offer the solutions accordingly.

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