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Sino Mould is a professional aluminum die casting mould developer, manufacturer. We are specialized in aluminum die casting mould surface treatment, aluminum die casting mould surface wear- resisting, heat resisting treatment. Aluminum die casting mould coating, aluminum die casting titanize coating.

The alloy casting product’s treatment according to the heat treatment regime, heating temperature control, heating time and cooling speed. Change the alloy organization, the mainly purpose is: Improve the mechanical property, enhance corrosion resisting property, improve tooling property, and enhance the dimensional stability. The alloy casting product heating treatment could divide into four classes:

      1.Annealing treatment: heat the alloy casting product to a high temperature, about 300 ℃, remain the temperature for a little time, then it cooled, the temperature same as the room temperature, this tooling way means annealing treatment. During the annealing process, solid solution resolve, the second particle gather, could clear up the alloy casting product’s innerstress, stabilize the alloy casting’s dimension, reduce transformation, increase the alloy casting product’s plasticity.

      2. Solution treatment heat the alloy casting product to a high temperature, close to crystalline melting point, keep a long time under this temperature, and then dast cooling. strengthen components the max limit mealting. His high temperature status fixed save the room temperature, this process means solution treatment. Solution treatment could improve the alloy die casting’s strength and plasticity, improve the alloy’s decay resistance.

      3.Aging treatment
After solution treatment the alloy casting product, then heat it to a temperature, remain a little time, then take out, cooling slowly under the air, until it become room temperature, this tooling process is aging treatment. If solution treatment ageing strengthening under the room temperature, called nature aging treatment, if aging treatment higher than the room temperature, and remain temperature for a little time called precipitation heat treatment. 

      4.  thermocycling treatment
The casting product after thermocycling treatment, because of  many times heating and cooling ,cause solid solution shrink and expand, make  every crystal lattice become displacement, make the second particle a stable state, then improve the casting product dimension stability, suit for high precision components tooling.

 Alloy  won’t break under the lower temperature, as the temperature reduce, mechanical property has a little changed, strength improved, but plastic reduce less, so sometime in order to reduce or divide alloy casting product’s innerstress, we could cool the alloy casting product after hardening to  -50 ℃ 、 -70 ℃ or lower, keep 2-3 hour, and then heating it to room temperature under air or hot water, or tool it by precipitation treatment, this tooling process called cooling treatment.

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