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Because the metal aluminum and aluminum alloy has good liquidity and plasticity, and casting processing is under high pressure, so aluminum die casting can make all kinds of complicated shapes, can also make a higher precision and smooth finish, thereby greatly reducing the casting mechanical processing capacity and the metal aluminum or aluminum alloy casting allowance not only saves electricity, metal materials, but also greatly save the labor cost. Aluminum and aluminum alloy has excellent thermal conductivity, small specific gravity and high machinability. And aluminum die casting is widely used in automotive, internal combustion engine production, motorcycle manufacturing, motor manufacturing, oil pump, transmission machinery, precision instruments, garden landscaping, electric power construction, building decoration and other industries. Casting aluminum die casting need die casing mould and die casting machine. Die casting machine are two kinds, hot chamber and cold chamber machine, because the aluminum die casting temperature is very high, so it use a cold chamber machine.

Aluminum die casting can become high precision products after the post processed.
In addition to the above classification, the other aluminum die-casting parts have radiator aluminum die casting parts, switch gear, fittings of aluminum die casting parts, and other Marine propeller aluminum die casting parts.

We  have our own design and production experience for many years, has a mature and specialized  the aluminum die casting production line, can finish all kinds of difficult and high precision aluminum die casting products, we will provide the best solution for you.

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