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Die casting is one of the most environmentally friendly metalcasting processes available, usually die casting can not make a finished product by one step. After the part casted, there’s flash and burr part need to postprocessing. After all aspects of the casting and machining are complete, we can supply all kinds of aesthetic, functional and protective coating.

The purpose of metal surface treatment is to change the material characteristics so to suitable for a variety of application. We can supply service of die manufacturing, casting parts processing, metal finishing, etc for aluminum alloy.

The various finishing options include:

 Vibratory deburring
 Shotblasing
 Robotic sanding, polishing, and bright finish
 E coating
 Powder paint
 Spray paint
 Impeller blasting
 Anode oxidation

All decorative finishes require a good quality surface and internal die cast structure to yield the desired effect. The reason for this is that during plating and painting processes, the die casting is heated, which may expose and highlight blemishes on the surface. These effects may be minimized by good component and tooling design.
We can customize all standards of aluminum alloy and zinc alloy casting products, we can provide a turnkey service of die design, product R&D design, casting parts, fine finishing and complete product. We have our own product and mold design department, best die casting factory and facility and good technology, hope we will have the chance to cooperate with you in the near future!

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