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Die Casting is actually a quick production process that enables a high volume of parts to produce at a quicker pace and in the most cost effective way than any other casting processes. Sino Holdings has the capability of offering the aluminum that is unmatched in the industry. The die casting tools actually last between 50,000 and 400,000 shots that depend on the application and also the class of the tool that is produced.

There are different systems that are adopted in our company in order to process the die cast and helps us monitor the system and eliminate the production errors. We believe that defect prevention is less expensive than the defect detection in the manufacturing process which enables us to save our resources.

With the implementation of the advanced system, we can perform certain activities:

  • Constant monitoring of the balance of our machines
  • Ensuring the product consistency
  • Correction of any kind of problems occurring during the operation
  • Production consistency is our outlook

The capability of aluminum die casting is measured by machine sizes. Our first class machinery helps the expert to interface with the machines and fix the detected problems and inspect the product for any kind of deficiencies.

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