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Sino Holdings has become the leading producer of High Pressure die casting machine for non ferrous alloys such as brass, aluminum and magnesium. The flexibility of our service, allows the technical department to adopt the most advanced machines that help to match the customer needs and also develop the project turnkey. The equipment of our company is designed in the manner that can enable to have maximum production and meet the demand of our customers.


The constant growth of our machines and the use of the components have made us the leading brand in the market which make our customers believe to receive the high quality equipment that will enable them to reach the level of satisfaction. We focus on understanding the needs of the customers and fulfilling the expectations of the customers. With our highly advanced machine it is possible to receive precision in zinc, magnesium and lead components.


Die casting machines are highly equipped that comes with the LCD touch screen operator and also with the PC based control system that operated on the Windows platform. Our equipment has the ability to manufacture thousands of different die casting components and the complete turnkey system includes designing, manufacturing and testing of the machines and tools.

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