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Company advanced equipment, strong technology ability makes our company enjoy a certain reputation in the die casting industry.

We have 10 die casting machine, 15 sets CNC milling machine and more than 20 sets die tooling equiment, three coordinate measuring instrument and spectrum analysis, etc.


CAD, CAE, CAM design software assited with mold flow analysis to ensure the product and die casting die design most reasonable, thus to save the cost. The most reasonable design can save the cost of raw material, manufacturing.

Sino Holdings Group has a professional and experienced design team of more than 30 designers. Experienced designers and engineers hold up a design proposal meeting to decide the mould injection gate and mould structure, etc.


Secondly, mold designer should fully understand the product technical requirements, so that when he designing the mould must meet the product technical requirements.

Thirdly, there should have reasonable measures to reduce the mistakes to the minimum.

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