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Sino holdings is a professional aluminum die casting mould manufacturer, which have more than 20 years experience in manufacture aluminum die casting mould, aluminum die casting . Because the high quality of the differed kinds of die casting products and the high quality of the die casting moulds, we have win a very good reputation among our clients.

Die-casting machine has played an important role in the production process of aluminum die-casting. Sino has imported cold chamber die casting machine. We professionally process various aluminum die casting, die casting moulds, aluminum die-casting products and we manufacture products in accordance with customer needs.

Cold chamber die casting machine metal has a high melting point, low production efficiency, so the stability of the casting quality is low (usually applies to aluminum, magnesium alloy, copper alloy casting), and the pressure chamber and the crucible is separate, manually or with the help of the automatically robot put the liquid metal from crucible scoop into the chute. Hammer of the cold chamber machine is empty, and cooling water flows through the middle of the Hammer.

Our company has several cold chamber die casting machines with different tonnage, which can make different size product according to customers’ requirement.

For further understanding our die casting moulds and die casting product, you are warmly welcomed to visit our company in Tiazhou. We are sure that SINO molding and molded technologies, knowledge, solutions, will make you satisfied.

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