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Developing the casting parts in the complex shapes can help you reduce or eliminate other important processes that include machining or welding which finally leads to the creation of different material and save your time and hard work. You can easily eliminate welding of different pieces together, the casting process that easily be used in order to produce the simplified and tougher construction.

With the casted metal machining, Sino Holdings can ensure the customer satisfaction through high quality. We also focus on the competitive pricing in order to match the expectation of the customer. With the use of machining you will not only be able to achieve the share, but you can also concentrate on the size. Large as well as heavy parts would have been almost impossible with the adoption of other processes.

Sino Holdings machining capabilities will offer you unparalleled manufacturing flexibility. We make use of this flexibility in order to create the prototypes in the most faster as well as economical way. Machining is actually an important part in the manufacturing process which is used in the conjunction along with the casting that can create tight tolerance or even side-pull features. Our technicians and engineers have the ability to handle the metal prototyping requirements.

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