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die casting design service

Among the die casting design, functional part design is very important, it decides the die casting parts dimensions, outline, weight and thickness. Also it can decide the casting parts abrasion, deformation and fatigue situation during die application.

When design the aluminum functional parts, the design should take the die structure, die tooling, casting technology into consideration, so the die casting design will meet the requirement of safety, economical, reliable and the part application. 

Aluminum die casting parts can be divided into two categories by its function: the first category can bear heavy weight and high relative velocity. This kind of parts has automotive parts, motor bicycle and aviation components.  This kind of die casting parts need to inspect the chemical composition, surface roughness, precision, impact force, etc.

The second category is common aluminum casting parts which has lower requirements.

We have a big and professional design team and our company has the most precision tooling equipments enable us to supply high quality casting parts. If you have any new projects and if you interested in die casting, kindly feel free to contact us!

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