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How to solve bubble defects on casting die


Before we figure out the solution of bubble defects, firstly, we should find out what is the exact reason to cause the problem, then we can Suit the remedy to the case.


Generally speaking, the main reason to cause bubbles on die casting parts is because

1-     In pressure chamber filled with liquid alloy is low, injection speed is too high

2-     Air trapped in casting die

3-     Melting temperature is too high

4-     Mold temperature is too high, there’s no enough time for melted-alloy coagulate, and mould open too early and eject the part early

5-     The gate design is not optimal


1-     Reduce the chamber diameter

2-     Prolong injection time and lower first zone injection speed

3-     Lower mould temperature to keep the heat balance

4-     Add air escape groove and clear the impurity on the die

5-     Use less release agent

Post by   Miss Rita               email: sino9@cnmould.com